ModularME for Schools

ModularME is a perfect resource for teachers, heads of departments, students and homeschool families.

The ModularME Sewing System dovetails beautifully with:

  • Australian Curriculum (ACARA) Version 9
    • Learning Area: Technologies
    • Subject: Design and Technologies
    • Years 7-10
  • Queensland Curriculum & Assessment Authority (QCAA) Fashion
    • Fashion Technologies
    • Fashion Design
    • Years 10-12

ModularME Summer Module

The complete sewing system is supplemented by special modules and support materials for use in the classroom environment.

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Industry leader endorsement

ModularMe is a confidence-building resource for learners who want to sew for themselves using sustainably sourced materials. It provides a basic pattern framework that has built-in adaptability for exploring and customising to suit available fabric pieces and varied body shapes

The flexibility within the ModularMe building blocks enables a play-based approach to reusing preloved and dormant fabrics, remnants and offcuts so that nothing needs to be wasted. 

Julie has distilled decades of experience into this innovative fabric map for successful and resourceful sewing. It is a valuable tool to help support those willing to be hands-on in seeking an alternative to mindless fast fashion consumption.

Jane Milburn OAM
Churchill Fellow, author of Slow Clothing, founder of Texile Beat

ModularME Start Here


1. Is ModularME a collection of different patterns?

Not exactly.

ModularME is a complete sewing system that teaches users to design and to sew. It comes with 17 different modules that can be used to adapt a base pattern in order to produce hundreds of different tops or dresses.

2. What is the Road Map all about?

ModularME Sewing Adventure Road MapLike every great adventure it’s wonderful to have something to record your journey!

The ModularME Sewing Adventure Road Map lays out the major sewing and skill development checkpoints. To arrive at your GO-TO Pattern you will need to cover all the basics of garment making. Then, to reinforce or consolidate skills, the modules are clustered into groups such as “Pocket Picnic” and “Elastic Lookout”.  This allows the student to experiment and learn at the same time.

The Road Map can be used as a checklist; marking off the modules (skills) as the student displays progressive competency.

3. Can ModularME “lessons” fit into our standard lesson time period?

The beauty of a modularised system is that you can adjust the number of modules you cover to the time you have available.

The Toolbox Videos (which cover sewing basics) are only a few minutes long each . . . so it is possible to to spend a few lessons just going over basics before launching into a module. This will make the teaching each module very efficient.

Students can even watch the videos prior to attending the class. How efficient is that?!

4. Is the ModularME System suitable for boys too?

Sorry, at the moment, we only have garments suitable for women and girls.

However, we are developing the system further, adding ModularMan (for the men and boys), ModularMini (for toddlers) and ModularMum (for pregnant/nursing mothers).

5. Can I use the ModularME Sewing Adventure Pack to develop my skills before teaching to a class?


Once you have purchased the pack*, you can use it for personal use to develop your knowledge and skills.

*You can purchase the pack as an individual, or your school can purchase a licence for a number of packs.

6. How is the ModularME Sewing System different to a pattern?

The ModularME Sewing System is so much more than a pattern. The whole system has been designed to enable the user to not only be in charge of the final look of their garment but to be confident in designing and making their own clothes. It is about:

  • Teaching skills (one module at a time)
  • Promoting sustainability
  • Encouraging creative design
  • Growing confidence

7. Does the system allow for differentiation?

We know learning styles vary from person to person which is why our resources include:

  • Videos for each module PLUS a suite of Toolbox videos for basic sewing skills and terminology
  • Written instructions (downloadable PDFs)
  • Patterns that are colour coded and have a scattering of hand-written positive and encouraging phrases

Each student can learn at their own pace, reviewing videos and instructions as needed for consolidation purposes.

Also, each student can decide on the simplicity or complexity of the garment they wish to make.

8. How does the ModularME Sewing System address sustainability?

The system uses a multi-faceted approach to sustainability including:

  • Teaching how to economically lay out fabric before cutting
  • Using a two piece pattern to allow for use of smaller pieces of fabric (eg. the Sleeve Extension module)
  • Explaining how to colour block or join multiple pieces of fabric together (eg. the Slice It Dice It module) so you can use smaller pieces of fabric
  • Promoting the use of existing fabric
  • Teaching skills to allow people to amend or re-imagine existing clothes