The ModularME Pocket Picnic*

Pockets are always a must, right! There are some great options here for you to add to your garments when you have completed your GO-TO Pattern and are ready to start adding some fun elements to your clothes.

The Pocket Picnic shows you how to attach a variety of different pockets. 

This picnic contains:

  • 3 Modules (Patch Pocket, Inseam Pocket and Maxi Patch Pocket)
  • 3 Instructional videos
  • 2 Patterns
  • 3 Interactive PDF instructions
New skills covered:
  • How to attach pockets
  • How to create pockets of different sizes


More than a pattern. More than some lessons. This is a Sewing System.
Every step of the ModularME Sewing System has been designed to be an integral part of a complete adventure. You’ll progressively learn new skills and techniques that will:
  • build your confidence
  • help you sew a me-made wardrobe
  • allow you to create clothes you never thought possible
You can do this. Our easy to follow support materials will guide you every step of the way!
*This product is for personal use only. For educational or commercial application please contact us.