• Our 50cm is the ideal size for hanging decorative tea towels! Magnetic Wooden Hanger size: 50cm x 1.8cm x 0.6cm + cord. The perfect, quick and easy way to hang the ModularME Sewing Adventure Tea Towel in your home. Each set contains four wood bars embedded with strong magnets. Just clamp your ModularME Sewing Adventure Tea Towel between the two wood pieces on top and bottom and it's ready to hang! Our wooden magnetic frames are perfect for posters, prints, photos, fabric arts, tea towels, children's artwork, letters and more. Hanging your tea towel 1. Lay your tea towel on a flat surface. Clamp two bars at the top of your print and two bars at the bottom edge of your print. 2. Hang using the leather cord or remove the cord and attach the top bar to your wall with screws or 3M Command hanging strips (not included).   Note on timber variance Timber is a natural product, the grain and shade of timber may vary slightly from piece-to-piece.
  • ModularME Sewing Adventure Tea TowelModularME Sewing Adventure Tea Towel

    Our beautiful Sewing Adventure graphic was created especially for us by the delightful Emily Weier. Emily is a Mt Pleasant (near Dayboro, just north west of Brisbane) girl who hails from Toowoomba. She studied graphic design while living in Toowoomba and graduated from USQ with a
    You’ll find her hanging out online at @myfrondsarecool
    This gorgeous graphic was just begging to be printed on fabric so that it could be enjoyed and appreciated even more!
    ModularME Sewing Adventure Tea TowelYou can use it in many ways:
    • For those times when you have to do the dishes and you’d rather be sewing . . . use it as a tea towel
    • For those of you who’d love to add some colourful art to your creative space . . . use it as a wall hanging
    • For those of you who love embroidery, why not decorate our Sewing Adventure panel with creative stitches of your own to create a unique art piece!
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