Is this the start of your adventure?

The  ModularME Sewing System will streamline your sewing journey. It’s unique and it works! In this video Julie (the founder) explains how you’ll be inspired to make your own clothes!

I think the ModularME sewing system is so ingenious and versatile. There are so many options for different and unique garments, that the possibilities are endless!
All you need is the ModularME patterns and you can let your imagination go wild.
I highly recommend ModularME for the beginner and the experienced maker who wants to take their skills to the next level. You won’t regret it!  So dust off that machine and get sewing!



We love hearing from people who have started their own Sewing Adventure!

It is particularly heart-warming to hear of the difference the ModularME Sewing System makes to the maker’s self-confidence.

The ModularMe Pattern System allowed me to regain my sewing confidence after a 25 year hiatus from my machine.
By using the base pattern adjusted to my size and using the easy to follow instructions I was able to make well fitting comfortable tops and dresses.
I am now enjoying expanding my me-made wardrobe using the many variations & adding my own unique embellishments.
A truly fabulous pattern system!

What’s in the pack?

Important note: This pack is a digital product. This means you will download the instructions and patterns. Video links are embedded in the instructions. Everything listed on this page is included in the pack. Items are not available separately.

ModularME #1 Top/Dress Pattern

This is not just an ordinary dress pattern. You can choose to make a top or a dress or both!

Two size ranges

  • Sizes A to G
  • Sizes E to K

These are the approximate equivalent to sizes 6 to 26.

Two printed formats

Each of the size ranges are available as:

  • A4 size for printing at home
  • A0 size for having printed at a print shop

Value $44

Easy to follow Instructions

The ModularME Sewing Adventure written instructions are comprehensive and easy to follow. Features include:

  • Videos are part of the instructions so you don’t have to go searching for them.
  • Plenty of diagrams
  • Encouraging tips and ideas

Value $25

Videos for every step

The ModularME Sewing Adventure has ModularMOVIES! They cover every aspect of your sewing adventure. In the ModularME #1 Top/Dress Pattern instructions there are:

  • 6 Creating Your GO-TO Pattern videos
  • 1 Sewing Your Top or Dress video

In these 7 videos alone, you will have so much learning fun!

Value $89

Toolbox videos

The Toolbox series of ModularMOVIES cover all the basics of sewing – from understanding fabric to how to assemble a pattern.

There are 17 videos in this series and they are embedded at the right spot in your instructions so you know exactly where they are! Some of the topics are:

  • Attaching Facings
  • Stitching Darts
  • Gathering

Value $255


01 Scoop Neck
02 V Neck
03 Pleat
04 Ruffled Sleeve Edge
05 Patch Pocket
06 Maxi Patch Pocket
07 In Seam Pocket
08 Sleeve Band
09 Elastic Sleeve Edge
10 Sleeve Extension
11 Elastic Cuff
12 Gathered Sleeve
13 Highline Yoke
14 Midline Yoke
15 Gathered Bodice or Skirt
16 Slice it Dice it
17 Roll Collar

17 Modules

That’s right! The ModularME Sewing Adventure Pack comes complete with 17 modules.

Each one teaches a new skill and allows you to create a new top or dress. With your new skills comes extra confidence! Soon you’ll be combining modules to create your own unique clothes.

Each module has its own instructions, patterns and videos. It is a complete sewing system.

Now, you can make the clothes you want to make! You’ll be empowered to use for existing fabric, adjust and repurpose existing clothes, and to create the clothes you know will fit you perfectly every time!

Look at the Sewing Adventure Road Map below . . . you’ll have access to everything on the map and be encouraged to find your own adventure from the Roll Collar Roundabout to ‘who knows where?’

Value $425

Total Value

More than $800


ModularME is a Sewing System.

By following the Sewing Adventure Road Map you are using your own sewing vehicle, tour guide and map to take you to your own creative destinations.

Have fun!