Learn to sew and create your own clothes with ModularME . . . it’s never been easier!

More than a pattern. More than some lessons.
ModularME is a sewing system.

ModularME Sewing System Collage Header

What is the ModularME Sewing Adventure?

It’s a fun, modular approach to sewing your own clothes.
You work at your own pace using easy to follow instructions, patterns and videos all downloaded from this website.
With just one base pattern and 17 fun modules, create an almost endless variety of tops and dresses.
Here is a simple example:

Your GO-TO Pattern being transformed by using modules

The system includes:

  • 41 fun video tutorials
  • 17 versatile modules
  • Detailed instruction sheets

It’s packed with benefits to help you create clothes that make a difference:

  • Learn new skills
  • Build confidence
  • Short-circuit fast fashion
  • Feel empowered
  • Create 100s of design options

ModularME will change the way you think and feel about sewing your own clothes.

This system is perfect for beginners and existing makers that want to increase confidence and skills.

Watch our 2 minute video

How does the Sewing Adventure work?

Part 1 – Create your GO-TO Pattern

In six simple steps you’ll learn how to customise a one simple top and dress pattern to fit you. Follow our instructions, videos and easy to read pattern to create your customised GO-TO Pattern that fits you exactly! You can use your GO-TO Pattern over and over again as a base to make a wonderful array of different garments in different styles that suit you perfectly!

Create your GO-TO Pattern

Part 2 – Incorporate the Modules

You learn how to work with 17 easy add-on modules (sleeves, necklines, yokes) that change the styling of your tops and dresses to suit you!  Each one has been designed to teach a new skill AND help you create a new garment! As you gain skills and confidence you will soon be combining modules to create the perfect garments for you.

Your Sewing Adventure

Making your own clothes, learning new skills and, in your own way, changing the world, should be an adventure. Why not start your own sewing adventure with ModularME?

The perfect antidote to fast fashion!

ModularME empowers makers to create garments at their own pace, in their own way, using fabrics of their choice (recycling existing garments, fabrics from their stash or using new fabric if they wish). Garments with inclusions and features that they love, garments that fit well, garments that they feel happy in!

Size range

Our base pattern is available in two size ranges: A to G and E to K (approximately 6-18 and 14 – 26).

ModularME Sewing Adventure Road Map

Do you answer “heck, yes!” to any of these?

  • I want to turn my back on fast fashion and have more say in what I wear!
  • I’m sick of ready-made garments that never fit properly!
  • I’m struggling to find clothes that really feel like “me”!
  • I struggle to get the fit right when I sew my own clothes.
  • I don’t know where to start sewing for myself!
  • I want to control my fabric choices.

Then ModularME is for you!

Just look at the fun you can have mixing and matching Modules!

Our modules are additions to your GO-TO Pattern. They are lovely styling changes designed to help you create a variety of one-off garments that you will love.

ModularME with Kombi
ModularME Clothing Rack

ModularME more information . . .

The ModularME is a base pattern for a very simple top or dress consisting of:

  • a front with bust darts (to create a more flattering shape than a standard box top)
  • a back
  • curved neckline with a neck facing
  • slightly extended shoulder line creating a small sleeve

The top slips over your head, so no buttons or zips required. YAY, I hear lots of people say!!!

The top is simple to sew and is a perfect project for a beginner, once they have some basic sewing machine skills.

This simple base pattern is designed to be the foundation of a multitude of different garments. Step by step, skill by skill we show you how to modify the pattern via a series of creative sewing modules!

You’ll be able to create multiple garments to suit your personal preferences and lifestyle by incorporating different modules…..make changes to match the season or the occasion!!!

The ModularME Sewing System is ideally suited to combining fabrics and creating unique garments. Let your creativity be your guide…raid your stash, swap fabrics with your friends, use up small pieces of your favourite fabrics by using them as a “HERO” on a pocket, yoke, sleeve trim, etc.

It comes with easy instructions so that you can get started at home.

What makers are saying about ModularME

ModularME is a fabulous system for aspiring, capable and established sewists alike. What I love about ModularME is that I can use it as the dependable foundation from which to be creative. When you know that the end result will fit you – just the way it should – you are inspired to experiment and have fun!

What you have developed is an absolute triumph. And the value for money is sensational. The whole package is bright, fun and totally inspirational. I am just in awe of what you have created and can’t wait to throw off the shackles of doubt and indecision and jump right in!

After decades in the wilderness of work and ill-fitting clothes, I’m once again having fun creating a me-made wardrobe! Using ModularME has revived my old skills and taught me awesome new ones. But most importantly perhaps, it’s pumped up my confidence and restored the fun of it all! Colour! Texture! Line! Mixing it up! Natural fabrics! Recycled fabrics! It’s all there for the taking after you’ve got your customised base pattern sorted. WooHoo! Hope you’ll find the joy too!